"You taught me that I'm capable of writing great poetry that no one else can write but me." -Arabia, student at Girls Leadership Institute

Denice Frohman facilitates student-centered spoken word/poetry writing and performance workshops in schools, universities, organizations, detention centers, and cultural institutions using a multi-cultural, critical pedagogy approach. Deeply passionate about connecting with young people, she has taught students from elementary school through college. She is passionate about teaching students of color and LGBT students. She also offers professional development workshops.

Workshops focus on: identity, social justice, storytelling, and excavating the personal stories that invite us into a deeper knowing of ourselves. Aligned with the mission of her own work, Frohman leads students into an exploration of who they are - daring them to love the parts of themselves that are often silenced, marginalized, or deemed "less worthy."

Past Workshop Residencies include:

  • National Association of Latinos in Arts & Culture Conference
  • Andover Bread Loaf
  • Phillips Academy
  • Get Lit - Words Ignite
  • Philadelphia Orchestra
  • True Colors LGBT Conference
  • Marianna Bracetti Academy
  • Asian Arts Initiative
  • Science Leadership Academy
  • The Franklin Institute
  • Indiana University
  • Multi-Cultural Academy Charter
  • Youth Study Juvenile Detention Center
  • Philadelphia Industrial Corrections Facility
  • Community College of Philadelphia
  • Chewstick Foundation (Bermuda)
  • Girls Leadership Institute
  • and many others...

What They're Saying:

"In my 40 years of teaching, I have never seen any writer or speaker have the impact Denice Frohman has on an audience. Whether she is performing for urban public school students or for private school students, for adults or youth, she reaches deep into people’s hearts and souls. She is a real teacher, not just a performer. Her informal conversations with students and adults are as powerful as her performances, and perhaps even more important. She’s a luminous poet and educator." -Lou Bernieri, Director, Andover Bread Loaf & Instructor, Phillips Academy

"There is no way that one can plan magic as it happened when Denice was with IUPUI students and Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet H.S students. Her passion for working with youth was evident in the way she kept students engaged, the questions she asked, the activities she planned and her overall presence with students. For most of the H.S students, they experienced being the subject of their education for the first time. In my humble opinion, my experience with Denice is a perfect example of what K-12 curriculum can look like and what is possible when we have high expectations of our youth." - Sarah Childs, Assistant Director, Multicultural Success Center, Indiana University (IUPUI)

"Denice’s professional development workshop for teaching artists combined the practicality of a classroom teacher, the heart of a poet,  and her intense dedication to the power of young people’s voices. Participants left with concrete strategies to put to use immediately with students in classrooms and communities." - Beth Feldman Brandt, Bartol Foundation

"It was definitely the right decision to have Denice as a visiting poet for The Chewstick Foundation's Winter Retreat. She was able to connect with and inspire writers of all skill sets and areas of interest. We look forward to working with her again, as she will be an asset to any program, focused on the empowering elements of the arts. –Deidra Lee, Program Organizer, Chewstick Foundation, Bermuda