“Denice Frohman is so much more than a poet. She is a sociologist, an archeologist, and most importantly a much needed alley for today’s youth. Shedding light to dark places, Denice helps us dig deep to question our humanity and its reflection in this world. Poignant, sharp and funny, Denice uses poetry to say what needs to be said. She uses it for both activism and aesthetic- as an agent that affects change, that listens and that holds and even heals the hurt. Denice Frohman will make you fall in love with language, with this aching world, and with all the ways we can rebuild it together.” 

-Kelly Grace Thomas, Manager of Education and Pedagogy, Get Lit – Words Ignite

“Denice Frohman is an absolute vision to behold. Presenting her at the Skirball Cultural Center as a part of our spoken word show, March Forth! A Spoken Word Celebration of Female Empowerment, was an true pleasure. From her professionalism to the way she brought the house down with a combination of swag, grace, and inspiring confidence – I was so proud to have her on our stage.” 

-Elena Muslar, Program Associate, Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles)

"I'm still hearing wonderful feedback about the event and the campus is still buzzing. I've been contacted by several members of our community, thanking me for having Denice and asking me for more events like this one. This was truly a success!"

-Kenea M. Andrews, Institute for Women’s Leadership, St. Benedict College

"Denice Frohman captivated the audience when she featured at our annual teen poetry slam festival. The brilliance and relevance of her work was only match by the humility and accessibility of her spirit. She is undoubtedly one of spoken word's brightest voices and deserving of all things this art form has to offer." -Donney Rose, Forward Arts

"Denice Frohman was by far the highlight of the conference. Everyone had glowing reviews. We thank her so much for sharing her work, her students, and part of herself with us. I was personally touched and moved both intellectually and emotionally. I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

-Sendy Guerreri, Philadelphia Women’s Studies Conference, Temple University

"Denice's workshops have been a huge highlight for the Girls Leadership Institute the past two summers. Her passionate and authentic facilitation style inspires the girls to deeply explore their minds, experiences, and creative voices. The girls emerge from the workshops with increased confidence, self-awareness, and compassion for each other, as well as a heightened appreciation for the written and spoken word. We were thrilled to have her as a visiting artist!"

– Annekka Fagundes, Director of Arts Education, Girls Leadership Academy

"Denice’s professional development workshop for teaching artists combined the practicality of a classroom teacher, the heart of a poet, and her intense dedication to the power of young people’s voices.  Participants left with concrete strategies to put to use immediately with students in classrooms and communities."

- Beth Feldman Brandt, Bartol Foundation

"Denice Frohman kicked-off our “Pushing the Buttons” poetry series for the fall 2015 semester and, the students at the University of Arkansas came in great numbers to attend the show. Denice was absolutely phenomenal. I am sure students left the performance more socially aware of the structures that oppress individuals in society. 

-Micah Minter, University Programs at the University of Arkansas

"Denice Frohman is an absolute powerhouse. Her combination of solid writing, dynamic performance style, and top notch control of the crowd allows her to create a truly engaging experience for the audience. I'd book her again in a heartbeat."   

-J.W. Basilo, co-host of The Uptown Poetry Slam at The Green Mill, Chicago

"Denice Frohman was one of the most powerful features we've ever had at the Austin Slam.  Her set took the crowd through a range of high and low emotions, and was ultimately rewarded with a well-deserved standing ovation."                   –Danny Strack, Austin Poetry Slam

"Denice Frohman's work as a poet really inspired and impacted our students, faculty, staff and community. She infused many different and relevant topics into her work to give us some of her culture and how our cultures intersect with one another. If you are thinking of bringing her to your campus, you will definitely get more than expected in a great way!"

-Latoya Fitzpatrick, Multicultural Education Director, Missouri Western State University

"As a teacher in a large public high school, I wish I could hire Denice to come in and inspire our students every day. Her fantastic sense of humor and her razor-edge timing made us sit up and listen to the all-important message of remaining true to ourselves. This is a topic that teenagers hear a lot, but in Denice Frohman’s expert hands, it was anything but cliché."

-Laurie Kurnick - English Dept., Cleveland Charter High School-Reseda, California  

"In my 40 years of teaching, I have never seen any writer or speaker have the impact Denice Frohman has on an audience. When we brought her to read her work in Lawrence, Massachusetts and at Phillips Andover Academy, we had several youth from both venues in tears before she stepped on stage. They told us that although they never saw her in person, Denice’s performances on Youtube changed their lives. Whether she is performing for urban public school students or for private school students, for adults or youth, she reaches deep into people’s hearts and souls. She is a real teacher, not just a performer. Her informal conversations with students and adults are as powerful as her performances, and perhaps even more important. She’s a luminous poet and educator."

-Lou Bernieri, Director, Andover Bread Loaf & Instructor, Phillips Academy